CCAM rule

Dear Valued Customers,

China Customs will implement the new China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) system effective from 28th of  June 2014. All shipments with destination Shanghai en Xiamen are under the 24-hour CCAM rule prior to loading on board of the foreign loading port.

Please find the main data and formatting requirements of the manifest.

CargoSmart – Your Centralized Platform for Integration

CargoSmart – Your Centralized Platform for Integration

If you have a high shipment volume, you may want to transmit data by direct integration to save time copying and re-keying information into your system. CargoSmart provides direct integration services if you would like to manage your shipment data with COSCON more efficiently.

CargoSmart integrates with COSCON and saves you time by minimizing the number of connections and message sets you need to manage. CargoSmart supports common industry standard message formats, including ANSI-X.12, UN/EDIFACT, and XML for direct integration. You only need to integrate once with CargoSmart.